Protect your car and make it shine.

The thickness and hardness of our ceramic coating offers a unique, intense and long lasting glow.

The sliding angle of this material make easier the cleaning and the dirt removal.

key features

PROTECTS : The painting from discoloration.


DECREASES : The risks of flacking and corrosion.


STRENGTHENS : The polish thickness against dirts and micro scratches.


IMPROVES : The polish’s brightness, the depth, the intensity and color of your car.


HYDROPHOBIC : The hydrophobic components of our ceramic coating protects your car from rain and the formation of ice.

RESISTANT : Unlike wax and sealant ceramic is able to withstand detergents and chemical products.


FACILITATES : The high pressure cleaning of your car with clear water.


APPLICATION : Ceramic is a multipurpose material as it can be applied on the car body, on rims, tires, window glasses and even on the steering wheel and car seats. 

Obtain an intense and in depth shine while offering a long lasting protection to your vehicle.